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Outland Storage

Outland (mostly) uses Boomlay’s Pallet Furniture for storage (as well as some other decorative items, like paintings, lamps, beds, sofas and tables).

Some of the items can be crafted in-game with wood and nails while others are only available at the Supplies Trader.


You can craft storage boxes, tables and rain collectors.

Boomlays works by first crafting a wooden pallet, then combining a wooden pallet with planks to make a basic kit.

You then add pallets to the kit; adding more pallets will get you better items, but it needs at least 1 pallet added. Finally, you pick up the kit and deploy it as per normal.

Wooden Pallet

The first step is to craft a wooden pallet.

Combine 10 planks and 50 nails to craft a wooden pallet.

Wooden pallets can be used to create a basic kit or upgrade that kit to make different stuff.

10 x


50 x


Pallet Boxes

Combine 5 planks with a Wooden Pallet to make a Pallet Box Kit.


5 x


Next, combine 40 nails and 5 wooden planks to make a Box Frame Section. Each Box Frame Section you add to the kit increases the storage slots by 100, up to a maximum of 400.


Therefore, total cost of each type of pallet box storage will be:

100 slots = 50 + 40 = 90 nails, 15 planks

200 slots = 50 + 80 = 130 nails, 20 planks

300 slots = 50 + 120 = 170 nails, 25 planks

400 slots = 50 + 160 = 210 nails, 30 planks


40 x


5 x


1 – 4 x


Old Wooden Crate

The ‘Old Wooden Crate’ is similar to the vanilla Wooden Crate, but provides 60 slots of storage.

Craft one by combining 50 nails and 10 planks.

Old Wooden Crates can be placed on the ground or add them to Pallet Cabinets to increase storage.