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Deer Isle

Loosely based on the island of Deer Isle, Maine, in the USA, this DayZ custom map features areas that are taken from other regions of the USA and the world.


Deer Isle, as the name suggests, is an island – with many areas accessible only by swimming or by vehicles like helicopters or boats.


Pay a visit to the toxic-zone Oil Rigs (northwest of the map) for some good loot and also some KMUC key cards – these will get you through the security door of KMUC, a vast underground military facility with some challenging parkour and excellent weapons.


The creator of Deer Isle has designed a detailed and challenging ‘lore’ layer for survivors to explore. On Outland, you don’t need to know about it to enjoy the game, but travelling to these areas is entertaining and can get you loot not found elsewhere on the map.

You can use the information below to give yourself the minimum hints to get started and complete the lore destinations – or just read it all at once and get cracking.

Each version of Deer Isle has added additional levels to the ‘lore’ progression, with another installment planned (expected some time in 2023) before the map author considers it completed.

In the next section, The Lore Path, we’ll tell you what the final destination is and break down the progression of steps that get you there – but not the specifics of those stages. We’ve made as much of the info as possible as ‘opt in’ so you can discover the rest on your own if you want to.

Currently, your final destination is the aircraft carrier Security Room in the Arctic – the end-of-game destination that you access with a security card. It contains loot that includes the JMC Prototype, an extremely powerful, internally suppressed DMR.

To get in to the aircraft carrier Security Room, you need a security card; to get that security card, you need to make your way to the centre of the Arctic Crypt.

To get in to the Arctic Crypt, you’ll need Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir)

To get Mjolnir, you’ll need to travel to the Temple.

The Temple (located at the extreme bottom left of the map) can only be accessed one way: a ‘blood sacrifice’ at the Altar in the Swamp (Tier 5, middle left of the map)

The altar is located by following the road north of the RCFI Military Base. Between the (in-game) hours of midnight and 6am, the torches at the temple are lit, and if you stand on the altar after receiving a cut, you’ll bleed on it and be teleported to the Temple.

Make your way through the temple (picking up good loot on the way) and you’ll get Mjolnir, which you can use to break in to the Arctic Crypt

The Arctic Crypt (and the aircraft carrier) are both in the arctic, where the temperature is so cold that only one item of clothing can keep you warm – a bear ghillie suit.

Create a bear ghillie suit by combining a stack of 4 ‘cutted pelts’ with a regular ghillie suit.

Create ‘cutted pelts’ by combining a bear hide with a leather sewing kit. 

Be warned that the bear ghillie suit will not protect you from the cold if it is wet

One you have Thor’s hammer, you can break the icicles that block your way in to the arctic crypt.

You’ll then need to find a large lever (the position is reset after each server restart) that will open a door further inside the crypt – however you’ll then have only 5 minutes to get to that door (parkour!) so explore first and know your exact route.

Once you’ve made your way to the centre you’ll find the lab where you can pick up a Snow Owl (a VERY powerful sniper rifle) and possibly the security card – if you can’t find the card, you’ll likely need to log out for a bit to give it a chance to spawn in.

Not too far to west of the Crypt is the aircraft carrier, shrouded in toxic gas. (You’ll need full NBC gear to take this final step.)

Once you get to the main deck of the hangar, you’ll see the security door embedded in the wall. Put the card you just got from the arctic crypt in hand and open the door. Riches!