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Deer Isle with a Difference

Outland: Deer Isle has been crafted from the ground up with a vision of a DayZ map based in the USA. Loot spawns, gun availability and placement are all carefully planned out with that guiding philosophy in mind.

Guns Guns Guns

The loot table heavily favours NATO weapons and ammunition, with a progressive gradient in quality of weapons the further you get from spawn zones. The really good guns can be found in areas that are ‘lore’ related – you’ll have to complete some of the Deer Isle challenges to get them.

Specific tiers (zones) also boast some very rare niche weapons. For example, you’ll find a limited amount of Eastern weapons (AK’s etc.) in ‘private’ hands in tier 6, 8 and 15 – look for them in houses there.

Loot Placement

Outland’s loot has been painstakingly curated over three seasons to be balanced and spawn in logical places; codelocks for example, spawn in Industrial and Office structures/areas. We play the game a lot, so we’re constantly tweaking the balance in search of perfection.

Quality of Life Changes

We want people familiar with the vanilla DayZ experience to be able to play the game without any extra knowledge of out custom features, so our tweaks don’t intrude and confuse. We’ve added things like:

  • Auto-run (press + on the numpad)
  • ‘Ear plugs’ – press ‘N’ and then use ‘-‘ and ‘=’ to control how much sound gets through

Usable Vehicles

DayZ cars can be notoriously janky and downright life-threatening, so we’ve made some tweaks to make them more usable.

If you crash at or below 60 km/h you and the vehicle will suffer no damage; and even if you’re going too fast, we’ve increased vehicle HP so it’s less likely you’ll die outright (you might want to have a spare radiator on board though..)